Bucha – a City in the Kyiv Region – Like a Hell, Made by Russian Soldiers

The war has been going on in Ukraine for 38 days now, the Ukrainian army continues to push the enemy out from different directions and liberate the captured cities. On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine through the territory of Belarus and tried to take Kyiv by assault, but after several days of fierce fighting with the Ukrainian army, they could not advance to Kyiv and dug in in the located cities near Kyiv. Bucha is one of these cities, a small, beautiful city near Kyiv with many parks, where many residential complexes and private houses for thousands of young families have been built over the past few years.

On April 1, 2022, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine announced that the city of Bucha was officially liberated from Russian invaders, it would seem that everyone should be happy about this, but the military personnel and journalists who visited it were shocked to see what was happening there.

Heading into the city, there are many dead young and old civilians. Russian soldiers massacred the male population aged between 18 and 60, those who could resist, many had their hands tied and shot in the head.

Almost the entire city is littered with mines, this is evidenced by corpses with severed limbs, it is clear that people simply rode a bicycle or went about their business and were blown up by mines.

One woman gave an interview to a Ukrainian journalist and said that two Russian soldiers, a Chechen and a Belarusian by nationality, organized a lookout post in her apartment, her husband was constantly tortured and beaten, and now the man in the hospital for necessary medical care.

This is 14-year-old Yura from Bucha:

“We were riding bicycles when a Russian soldier came out from behind the house. We stopped, raised our hands, said that we had no weapons. But the soldier began to shoot at my father. He fell down. Then the military man started shooting at me, two bullets hit my arm. I fell to the ground. The soldier fired another shot into the hood, but the bullet did not hit a head,” the boy says. For several minutes the child lay on the ground, and when the Russian military man left, the guy ran to the nearest shelter, where he was given first aid, his father was killed, he was 47 years old.

Ukrainian singer Kamaliya has reported that the invaders shot several of her horses, who lived in a stable in Bucha. In addition, according to her, the invaders mined the Bucha equestrian club.

Russian soldiers wasted, stole belongings, looted, lived in apartments that did not belong to them, and mined entrances to residential buildings.

Looking at sufferings that Ukrainians are experiencing today, we have no moral right to stand aside. The war in Ukraine can easily cross borders, and the war will start already in our democratic countries. Only providing the necessary assistance and weapons to Ukraine will stop Putin’s army before our children see these horrors with their own eyes.