ANDnews: Azerbaijan

During the municipal elections in Azerbaijan were made many infractions and several polling boxes were stolen.

Recently, officers of the Investigation Department of the Sumgayit City Police Department tried trespass on  our property. I managed to escape, yet Azizli Kanan was taken by them.
Mahir Rustamli.

Kanan Azizli, a member of the APFP Youth Committee, wishing to observe the Municipal Elections, was arrested for 10 days by the Sumgayit City Police officers.

Famous Azerbaijani rapper Paster mentioned in his video clip “Gang” how Pashabank(belongs to first family of the Azerbaijan)has power all over the country. After that he is being kept in “Bandotdel” under violence already several days.

Rapper Paster  was sentenced to 30 days in prison on charges of disobeying the police.

In the Fountains Square police suppressed the protest against an arrest of rapper Pasteur. Meanwhile, blogger Mehman Huseynov was taken to the 9th police station.

After being detained blogger Mehman Huseynov was beaten by police, afterwards he was abondened in the steppe of the Lokbatan district.

Elvin Isayev was kidnapped and brought to Azerbaijan by Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies.He is charged for calling people to riot,to swear first family of the Azerbaijan.

According to the European Court, political prisoners who were falsely arrested, do not receive payment which they should have by Azerbaijani government.(Fuad Gahramanli)