Vacation for three thousand dollars

Abil Hasanov
Resently , i went to Turkey. There I met a few interesting events. Taking into account that one of them can be interesting for you, I would like to share this for you. K h or e n is citizen of Armenia. The serious economic situation in his country has brought him to Turkey to earn his living like his compatriots here in Turkey. His works here as a worker, sends most of the money he earns to his family. As he says, he has got many debts. He has to work much, day and night, to return his debts back. When I asked him the reason that made him to get this debts , he told me his history with heart ache: -“I was call e d up for military service and had a military service in Kara b a k h despite, I didn’t want it. We had so many difficulties there during service , spent days without food and thirsty . lived in insanitary. Never the less , somehow folded and were waiting for the competition of military service. After a year of service my commander called and said he wants to reward for my exemplary service me and to send me to vacation for twelve days. I was glad so much, took my permission paper and brought in order myself . The next day went my home. In vacation days I worked with my father and helped him . At last the vacation ended up and when I came back to military unit commander meet me joyous leading me to his room , asked me how I spent my vacation , how do I have rest? I expressed him my thanks and he demanded money for ten days saying that he grants two days me without money, but I have to pay for ten days-three hundred dollars- one day for thirty dollars. By his words he respected me counting one vacation day for thirty dollars, one day estimated fifty dollars. Firstly I couldn’t understand anything , because I hadn’t any information about this purchasing. Said him we haven’t so much money at home. In answer he began to beat me saying ” if you hadn’t money you shouldn’t go for vacation. What have I said if people with high military rank . They will ask me about money, about my soldier coming from home. What will I explain them? ” The next day I was arrested because of breaking law and rules for 10 days. While I was in prison he said, calling my parents, I beat my soldier comrade and he is in serious situation. The issue is under military tribunal. Received three thousand dollars , deceiving them that I may be arrested. My helpless father borrowed money and gave him. After I finished military service , when I came back home father told me all this. Now I am here to return back this borrowed money . Military service has affected very bad my family. At the time , my father was brought to Kara b a k h by force in time of war. He told us , our commanders hid soldiers and reported our parents about capturing their sons, deceived them and demanded money large quantities, after receiving money released soldiers. Even sold dead bodies of soldiers to their parents. “ Thanks to Turks , they create conditions for us to work here” and thanked , continuing to work.